Do women prefer gentle or rough sex?

November 22, 2018

Women have long lists of moods and men call these craziness. Men can’t be blamed because there are really some days they laugh so hard, some days they sober, and some days they feel like bitchin. These mood shifts can also occur when they are inside the bed. Do they like it gentle, or prefer it the rough way? Women, when it comes to sex, sometimes like it gentle and sometimes like it rough.

For example, one night stand can be wild because it’s a perfect picture of the saying “You Only Live Once” a.k.a YOLO. Acquaintance sex like this is very physical, like the women wants to spend the whole night ripping each other’s clothes as if there’s no tomorrow. Hint for the boys, if the woman has no emotional attachment and just wants to stay on physical and sexual details, it means that she likes it rough.

On the other hand, gentle sex is something a woman in a long-term relationship seeks. A healthy and intimate sex is what she desires, thus she likes it gentle. Gentle sex is like linking her nerve endings to her partner, slowly but creeping up creating a solid, full of emotion sex time. Though this is the desirable sex for most women in long-term relationship, they also desire, some time in their sex life, the rush, quickies and roughness of their partner because it spies both of them up. This also glues them more together and a change of course of the routine gentle sex they usually having. Women have lots of sex pictures in their mind more than men can imagine.

So, when it comes to which a woman prefers in bed, again, it depends on their mood. If they want to be wild and sexy they will go for rough, but if they want it romantic and detailed they will go for gentle. Exploring different things at different places and mixing things up a bit can be really fun and exciting. Sexual need is very important in a relationship, but communication and respect is the real key to ensure that you are both happy and satisfied.

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